News Release 10/09/11
Music Festival -“A Great Success”
By Jerry Pacholski

“I consider it an honor to be invited to come to this festival. I hope you invite me back next year,” Rick Thum told the audience at the Red Hill Music Festival, held Saturday, 100811 in Sumner, Illinois. Thum, a nationally known hammer dulcimer virtuoso from Florissant, Mo, has been an instructor at the festival for the past three years. “And, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making it possible for me to do what I love-make music.”

Jon Hall, another instructor, from Indianapolis, who taught guitar and mandolin, had words of praise for the Red Hill Dulcimer Society who sponsored the event. “You should consider this a great success. I know how hard it is to organize an event like this. How much hard work goes into this. You all worked so hard to make this run so smooth.”

Thum, Hall, Molly McCormack, Tull Glazener, Danny and Dottie Shepherd, and Doug and Rachel Hawf treated the packed house at the Sumner United Methodist Church to a variety of music ranging from boogie-woogie, Tin Pan Alley, traditional folk and gospel to big-band tunes. At least 75% of the crowd had attended previous year’s festivals and came back for more.

During the day, they had all lead classes for acoustic musicians in instruments as diverse as fiddle, Irish whistle, hammered dulcimer, guitar, ukulele, lap dulcimer and mandolin. Special classes were held in folk percussion, jamming technique and teaching music to children.

Over 120 students, of all ages and of all proficiency levels, participated in the classes. Some had driven from as far as Louisville, Ohio, Tennessee and Michigan to attend the classes. People who were curious about learning to play an instrument had the opportunity to borrow instruments and sit in on classes just to see if they want to pursue more study.

Many students stayed to participate in a jam after classes finished. At least 60 of them sat in a large circle and strummed along to favorites called out by the participants.

“Everyone was so complimentary. Most of these festivals are held in bigger cities. Holding one in a community like Sumner lets us show our guests what small town hospitality is,“said Crystal Shafer, Dulcimer Society President. ”You have the opportunity to make new friends and visit with old friends at these events. You never meet a stranger at a music festival.”

Her comments were echoed by Joan Brian, club member. “We showcase Sumner. We even had Dee Joines from the City Council come and welcome the crowd. Our club does everything they can to make our guests feel welcome. The Methodist Youth provided a delicious lunch and the Methodist Church, the Congregational Church next door and the Lighthouse across the street provide us with great rooms for our classes. Thanks to everyone who helped us .” Club members will meet next week to start planning for next year’s festival.

October 8, 2011
6th Festival

RICK THUM web site
DOUG HAWF web site

RICK THUM web site
DANNY SHEPHERD- "Dulcimers for Children" web site
SHARON WEBER- "Wood-n-Strings"
CHRIS FOSS- "Songbird Dulcimers" web site

Festival Schedule
8:00- 9:00.....Registration
9:00-10:15.....Session 1
10:30-11:45....Session 2
LUNCH 11:45-1:00 (Door prizes)
1:00-2:15......Session 3
2:30-3:30..... Session 4 Jamming for all levels
3:45 ..........Pre-concert (Red Hill Dulcimer Society)
4:00........Concert..part 1 (Tull, Molly, Jon)
4:30........Concert..part 2 (Rick, Doug, Danny)
5:00.......Grand Finale (all instructors)

Molly McCormack:
Session 1. Beginning Penny Whistle
Session 2. Beginning Lap Dulcimer
Session 3. Intermediate Lap Dulcimer

Doug Hawf:
Session 1. Beginning Fiddle I
Session 2. Beginning Fiddle II
Session 3. Jamming 101

Danny Shepherd:
Session 1. Dulcimer for Kids
Session 2. Folk Percussion
Session 3. Beginning Ukulele

John Hall:
Session 1. Old Time Guitar--"Carter Family Style"
Session 2. "Blues" on the Guitar
Session 3. Guitar--Playing well with others

Tull Glazener:
Session 1. Lap Dulcimer--Late Beginning to Intermediate (Part Ensembles I)
Session 2. Lap Ensembles II
Session 3. Repertoire--Various Tunes

Rick Thum:
Session 1. Hammered Dulcimer--Chording and Rhythm
Session 2. Hammer Techniques
Session 3. Fiddle Tunes

Session Four: Jamming for all!!!!!