9th Annual Red Hill Music Festival Called “Complete Success.”
By Jerry Pacholski

“This is a good thing for Sumner and a good thing for this part of the country. I hope people appreciate what the Dulcimer Society does for this area. You bring people from all over and show them what God’s country is like,” commented Jess Brian, lifelong Sumner resident. Brian had been one of the many people who attended the free concert after the 9th Annual Red Hill Music Festival, sponsored by the Red Hill Dulcimer Society, which was held on Saturday, October 11,2014 at the United Methodist Church in Sumner. His comments echoed those of Rachel Gard, Executive Secretary of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce who welcomed the crowd to the instructor’s concert. “ I want to thank the Dulcimer Society for all the work they do to put this event on. They bring all these talented performers here and showcase the community.”

Almost 75 students enrolled for the day’s classes which offered classes from beginner to intermediate level, to those wanting to learn mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, ukelele and Irish whistle. “ I’d call it a complete success. Not only was it a chance to learn new techniques, but it was just plain “Fun”, with a capital “F” said Beth Leggitt, president of the Dulcimer Society. “Not only did we get a chance to catch up with old friends but you learn so much! Instructors like Pam Bowman have mastered their craft to the point where I think they are playing a different instrument than I am.” Leggitt was speaking of Pam Bowman, hammered dulcimer instructor who had traveled from Michigan to teach and perform at the Festival. She was joined by Tull Glazener, mountain dulcimer instructor from Indianapolis, who has taught at every festival since it began in 2005. Danny Shepherd also taught beginners classes and was to have been joined by his wife Dottie, but her illness prevented her from being there to teach classes in voice.

The concert, which is free and open to the public, is the Dulcimer Society’s way of thanking the community for its support throughout the year. The Red Hill Dulcimer Society has been invited to perform at many schools, nursing facilities, historical societies, museums and festivals throughout the Tri-State area.